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Hello, and welcome to Nanyoubi. We're a music rotation community ran by eight crazies. Okay. We're not really that crazy. But yes. This is a music rotation community, as I said. The eight of us have a day where we will share music with you. And not just one specific language or genre. We'll upload what we like, and hope that you'll like it, too! It could be anything from Japanese to Chinese, American, ect. We may also upload a file that has swearing, though we will post a warning out of courtesy for you all. Also, at the end of the month, there will be a themed rotation. Sounds fun, ne? We think so! You might be wondering what "Nanyoubi" means. It means "what day...?" Yup. That's what it means. So we hope you like it here! Be sure to read the rules.
comment when you download ♡ ; music is for sampling only ; please support the artists ; only ask for uploads to another server if you really can't download from the already uploaded one ; enjoy =D

Nana, 18 and pretty insane. I mostly stay quiet though, unless I have nonsense to ramble about. Like music. I easily ramble on and on about music. I love sharing my obsessions. I'm in a band myself and therefore rather critical when it comes to music and lyrics. I enjoy eating, sleeping, gaming, reading and writing and of course, music. Some favourite artists: DBSK, Super Junior KRY, Magolpy, SID, Angela Aki, Shiina Ringo, TRAX, Jaurim, Olivia lufkin, Jakarta Rock Stars, Peterpan, Nell, Yida, Sun yan zi etc.

Yo =Dv I'm Gwynn. I love drawing/painting and reading, I'm on the 'net a lot, flailing. I've only started listening obsessively to music when I found Japanese music. XD And while I do listen to other asian music, about 90% of what I listen to is probably still engrish Japanese. I love pretty much all genres of music, really. But, you know, when it comes down to it, I think I'm the resident mad JE-fangirl. Very liberating thought, that \8D/ KAT-TUN turns me into a puddle of goo. (Nakamaru ♡) Erm, yeah. So, I listen to a lot of things 8D Further favourites change daily, but a few others I enjoy are TOKIO, Kinmokusei, NewS, Suga Shikao etc.

Location: Valencia (Spain)
Age: 16
Bands i like: Japanese: Kagrra, Nightmare, Onmyouza,Oto-oni NoGoD, Luna Sea ,Charlotte, Plastic tree, ZI:KILL, X-Japan, Iroha, D, D'espairs Ray, Alice nine, Gazette, Panic Channel, Buck Tick,
Others: Tarot, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Slayer, Rhapsody, Opera Magna, Warcry ETC!!!
And random info about me that can also be found at my lj profile: My world turns around Jrock/pop, my websites, webdesign, graphics, music, Kagrra,, school...

Tala is studying English Literature at university in Manila, but she often wonders What Do You Do With a BA in English? One of her favorite books is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, and she likes dressing in the amaloli style. She secretly aspires to be a gravure model, and is a mean mahjong player. Her favorite sport is judo, and writes like a madwoman in her spare time. She knows enough Cantonese to get by (including the fun curse words). Her rotations reflect her eclectic nature, so expect lots of bhangra, Mexican electronica, and, of course, music from Japan, Korea, the Philippines, HK/Taiwan, and Thailand. She thinks ART-SCHOOL, Ryohei Yamamoto, and Quruli seriously need more love, wonders if/when Na Won Ju and Alan Kuo will release their next albums, and knows that Clazziquai is capable of world domination. She adores Wang Lee Hom because smart Chinese boys are love.

Lenne. 18. Really, I'm pretty boring. I never really have a lot to say unless you come to me with a problem. For that reason, I'm somewhat hard to talk to unless you catch me while I'm sleep deprived. But really, I'm pretty friendly. Games I enjoy are from Square-Enix and Capcom. Artists I enjoy are Mika Nakashima, Changin' my Life, Jolin Tsai, A Perfect Circle, Kidneythieves, KoRn, and many others! So yup. That's pretty much me.

Tzuhsi was a normal 20-year-old student in Illinois, pursuing a BA in anthropology, when she was swept off her feet by a movie star famous throughout eastern Ohio for his role as Zombie Hunter #2 in some straight-to-DVD movie no one's ever heard of. Caught up in her newfound role as the girlfriend of a celebrity, Tzuhsi had to balance her fame with her demanding life as a student and resident assistant, where she frequently saves residents and prevents her residence hall from burning down, getting flooded, and being haunted by ghosts.
Tzuhsi's favorite music artists include The Dresden Dolls, Shakira, Morcheeba, Air, Shiina Ringo, Poe, Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Saucy Monky, and Hooverphonic. She will be your source for European and American indie and mainstream pop, ambient, and trip-hop/downtempo.

Realname: YvonneMarie
Favorite artists: mink, Hyde, L'Arc~en~ciel, BoA, Crystal Kay, Foxxi Misq, The Gospellers, Kato Miliyah, Koda Kumi, Lyrico, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, My Chemical Romance, Namie Amuro, Origa, Shyne, SOULHEAD, SunMin, TLC, Toni Braxton, Utada Hikaru, Whitney Houston, Yuna Ito
About me: I love music. Love it, love it, love it. My favorite genre, however, is pop/r&b. At the rate i'm going, I might pursue a career dealing with - you guessed it - music despite me being better at other things. Don't count on it being a singer career although. My voice may not be too shabby but it's not too great either.

Taliana is a 23 year old girl from England, and music is her drug of choice. These days she mostly rocks out to Korean pop and hip hop, but she still loves a bit of rock as well as music by Japanese and Chinese artists. She's into a lot of stuff, way too much to really name, but her main loves would be Epik High, Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, Bi, tetsu and YUI. She also quite likes Ayumi Hamasaki, Park Hyo Shin, Super Junior, TVXQ and Haha. When she's not too busy spending money she doesn't have on CDs she doesn't really need, she's making icons, maintaining her websites, involving herself in way too many projects, and RPing like the little RP addict she is.

Monday ; aurilain
Tuesday ;
Wednesday ; jinjja
Thursday ; renrentoshite
Friday ; batongbituin , missymw88
Saturday ; carisma_sensei
Sunday ; 7chan
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