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12th-Jul-2007 05:45 pm(no subject)
mitsuki» this time it isn't poisoned
ARTIST; Lullacry
ALBUM; Crusify my Heart [DOWNLOAD?] [buy?]
LANGUAGE; English [lyrics?]
FORMAT; mp3.
→ Lullacry is a rock/heavy metal band. Those that like hard music, but find the screaming displeasing to the ears, this is a good band. The guitars and bass play hard, but there is little to no screaming or yelling. The lead singer is female, and she has a fairly nice voice.
9th-Jul-2007 11:46 pm - [monday] Brian - Vol 01: The Brian
star wars: cupcake
Posting on Monday for the next few weeks, since I can't post on Wednesdays at the moment, and the Monday uploader will be away for a while ^^ So this works out nicely for us all, I suppose~!

Language: Korean
Type: R&B
Release Date: 2006-12-19

01 - Ilnyeoneul Gyeoure Sara // 일년을 겨울에 살아
02 - Gajima // 가지마 [DL]
03 - First Date [DL]
04 - Saranghaji Anheunikkayo // 사랑하지 않으니까요
05 - Dalmagagi // 닮아가기 [DL]
06 - Haji Mallago // 하지 말라고
07 - Shinsa // 신사
08 - Geomeunnun // 검은눈물
09 - Nunmul Sogeuro // 눈물 속으로 [DL]
10 - Barae! Barae! (Feat. Yun Dong Hun (Trespass)) // 바래! 바래! (Feat.윤동훈(Trespass)) [DL]
11 - All I Know
12 - Barae! Barae! (Remix) // 바래! 바래! (Remix)

Download: 63mb .rar on MU or sendspace

This week I bring you Brian. Brian is part of the Korean R&B duo Fly to the Sky, and he has a very, very lovely voice. In the past, he has been a bit overlooked in Fly to the Sky, since Hwanhee has a much more powerful voice and likes to do some rather acrobatic things with it, and so late last year Brian released his first solo album in an effort to stand alone for a short while, to show what he was capable of doing as an artist.

Unfortunately though, the album often gets referred to (even by me, I am ashamed to admit it) as "Fly to the Sky without Hwanhee" - the exact thing that Brian didn't want to happen.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is debateable - but if you like Fly to the Sky and their style, then it's pretty certain that you'll like Brian's album. Smooth vocals, some nice R&B, a few groovier songs - what's not to like?

It's definitely worth listening to! The tracks that I uploaded seperately are some of my favourites, especially Nunmul Sogeuro, that's my favourite track off the entire album. First Date, Dalmagagi and Barae! Barae! are faster, groovier tracks while the rest are more R&B ballady types.
2nd-Jul-2007 05:38 pm - monday rotation #07
yuichi : words
monday rotation #07

Really random songs =D

song: 虹 (Niji)
artist: 二宫和也 (Ninomiya Kazunari) / 嵐 solo
album: Time
comments: Download. Definitely download. Love <3 I've always had a weakness for gorgeous, sensitive ballads~ And this one's amazing, with the strength of voice and music that can move you almost to tears. I hadn't expected Ninomiya's voice to be capable of this- I'm very pleasantly suprised! And, you know. Rainbow. =D
download: [MF]

song: さくら(独唱)(Sakura)
artist: 森山直太朗 (Moriyama Naotaro)
single: さくら(独唱)(Sakura)
comments: Two weeks ago I uploaded Kinmokusei's cover-album 'Sakura'. This was one of the songs that was covered, that's why I was interested in it. Good, slow but strong song.
download: [MF]

song: まもりたい (Mamoritai)
artist: 大倉忠義 (Ohkura Tadayoshi) / 関ジャニ∞ solo
album: KJ2 ズッコケ大脱走
comments: Further on the subject of awesome and gorgeous JE solo-songs, Ohkura's Mamoritai. It's so beautiful. Ohkura has this gorgeous deep sexy voice. *_* Definitely a must-listen! =D (I consider it somewhat sacrilegious on my part, I didn't upload this one along with the two earlier uploaded K8-solos. Personal opinions aside, this song is better. Oh well, enjoy it now <3)
download: [MF]

小池徹平 (Koike Teppei)

Koike Teppei is a popsinger. He's one of the members of the popduo WaT, together with Wentz Eiji. He's also started on a solo-career, with two singles and one album released to date. He has a really cute, rather high voice. He was also my first Japanese celebrity crush

[wiki] / [WaT wiki]

'Pieces' is his first solo album. It's a really catchy, sweet pop album. Definitely worth listening! =D

The album.

album: pieces
artist: 小池徹平 (Koike Teppei)
release: June 27, 2007

01. そんなあなたに
02. my brand new way
03. 思い出の欠片
04. 絵葉書
05. 君に贈る歌
06. sweet summer
07. 何処かの空
08. pieces
09. "is"
10. 赤レンガ
11. dawn
12. 雨も風も

download: [MU]
1st-Jul-2007 03:10 pm - friday rotations 5 & 6: videos

Track 1: Clash- Yim Kow Wai
Language: Thai
Comments: Best song off their latest album, Crashing. Catchy rock song.
Download: Here

Track 2: 369- Fuwa Fuwa
Language: Japanese
Comments: Nice midtempo rap/electronica song. Guy reminds me of Kenji from Dragon Ash.
Download: Here

Sorry for the delayed rotations, guys. I'm preparing for the International Nana Day, and I've got school besides that. But I'll try to keep rotating as much as possible. :) Enjoy the videos!

28th-Jun-2007 03:49 pm(no subject)
mitsuki» this time it isn&#39;t poisoned
ARTIST; Mika Nakashima
LANGUAGE; Japanese and English [lyrics?]
FORMAT; mp3.
→ Following the release of the Nana movie, Nakashima started another project. Beginning with the heavily gospel-influenced "Cry No More" (which was also the ED theme of the anime BLOOD+) and going into the New Orleans charity tribute. Later she teamed up with famed jazz pianist/musician Alan Toussaint and releasled another single All Hands Together. A month after Mika released another single "My Sugar Cat" following the same theme of "Cry No More" and "All Hands Together", her earlier 2006 singles. "My Sugar Cat" drop out of Top 50 a week after releaesed.

On February 21, 2007 Nakashima's 21st single "Mienai Hoshi" (見えない星) was released. The single is the theme song for Japanese drama 「ハケンの品格」, to be aired starting Jan 10th 2007. The b-side track is "I LOVE YOU," a cover of the Ozaki Yutaka ballad. There will be a promotional video for both songs. On March 14, 2007 Mika's 5th studio album "Yes" was released in Japan. "Yes" which also is a one-word follow up like some of her previous titles such as "Love" and "True". There is also a release of a new single on the same day as the album. The single is called "Sunao na Mama."

ARTIST; Mika Nakashima
ALBUM; Sunao na Mama Single [DOWNLOAD?] [buy?]
LANGUAGE; Japanese and English
FORMAT; mp3.
25th-Jun-2007 08:10 pm - monday rotation #06
monday rotation #06

(No 'really random songs' today, because my connection is making death spasms and it will take me 7 hours to upload one song. Yay. Enjoy the album extra much and there'll be random songs next week.)


MCU is a Japanese rapper. This is pretty much all I know about him at the moment. D= (Ask me again in a few weeks- he'll be on a variety show I always watch)

[official site]

I really love this album =D I was rather uncertain in the beginning- the first song (seaside bye bye - released as single earlier by Kizarasu Cats Eye feat. MCU) was really good, but I disliked the second and at first several of the following. After relistening they were good, however =D (the only thing that bothers me is the siren in the 2nd song XD) and the album really just gets better as you go along. Probably my favourite part starts at 'omoide' and goes until '1973', this is basically his single-releases and 1973 XD and the I really, really love the last song. Even if it is. like. two lines.
Definitely recommended! =Dv
genre: hiphop, pop/rock

The album.

album: A.K.A
artist: MCU
release: June 20, 2007

01. シーサイド・ばいばい MCU ver.
03. SUGAMO-B 弐 feat. Q
04. A re-present BMG
06. omoide
07. nukumori
08. サヨナラ album extended ver.
09. 1973
10. The beginning
11. Hey Johnny
12. HERO
13. Under My Martial Law feat.デーモン小暮閣下
14. A.K.A~僕がいればいいと想う~

download: [MU]
24th-Jun-2007 12:00 pm - Sunday #3
everything is uploaded at zshare!

sounds like: Jpop, Jpoprock...
Fra-foa is one of the bands I came to respect during the time I discovered Core of Soul. Both bands have in common that there's powerful female vocals. Fra-foa however tends to lean towards a rock side, the vocalist Chisako expressing her emotions through raw singing sometimes. The band no longer exists, having made way for Chisako's solo project, but the band remains a legend in live houses, where their liveshows apparantly were the thing to see. One thing that impresses me is the lyrics, so for those of you who understand Japanese, or for those of you who look up translations (centigrade j has some good ones); these get very emotional.
On the album '13 leaves' my favourite song would be 'light of sorrow'. On the album 'chuu no fuchi' I'd have to pick 'aojiroi tsuki', a song written for Chisako's brother who drowned.

- 13 leaves (album)
- Chuu no fuchi (album)

favourite song of the week
Yorico - wasurerareta sakura no ki
off the wasurerareta sakura no ki single
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